SupraCross® RF Solution

Left Atrial Access
from Any Approach™

SupraCross® RF Wire

Save steps with a 3-in-1 device: puncture, anchor, and exchange rail.


  • Puncture: RF active tip
  • Anchor: flexible spiral tip helps maintain left atrial access
  • Exchange rail: stiff proximal shaft to facilitate exchange

Steerable Sheath

Engage septum from any approach, cross with ease, and reach target anatomy with controlled maneuverability.


  • Dial: enables precise self-locking steering
  • Side port: aligned with distal curve
  • Haemostatic valve: prevents backflow and air introduction
  • Three-way stopcock: for flushing and aspiration
  • Locking dilator: secures dilator in sheath


Rx only. Before use, consult product labels and inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, cautions and instructions for use.

SupraCross® RF Wire Specifications
Product Code SPW-35-180A
Wire Length 180 cm
Diameter 0.035 in.
Radiopaque Marker Platinum Tungsten Coil; 3 cm
Distal Coil Diameter 2.5 cm

SupraCross® Steerable Sheath Specifications
Product Code SSS85-35-UD-45L
Sheath Usable Length 45 cm
Sheath Overall Length 65 cm
Dilator Usable Length 67 cm
Compatible Guidewire 0.035 in.
Distal Curve Unidirectional (180 degrees CW)
Distal Curve Diameter Large (50 mm)