ProTrack™ Microcatheter


ProTrack™ Microcatheter

The ProTrack™ Microcatheter is ideal for facilitating access to distal, tortuous vasculature over a guidewire.  It can also be used for infusing diagnostic or therapeutic agents, or for exchanging guidewires. The ProTrack™ Microcatheter features excellent trackability with high infusion rates. It has a flexible 10cm distal end with a radiopaque tip marker. The ProTrack™ Microcatheter has a low-friction PTFE coating that facilitates advancement through tortuous vasculature. The removable hub allows for catheter exchange.



Rx only. Before use, consult product labels and inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, cautions and instructions for use. 

Specifications ProTrack™ Microcatheter

Model Outer Diameter
Inches / French
Inner Diameter
CIC 35-145 0.035/2.7 0.024 145
CIC- 38-145 0.038/2.9 0.027 145

Maximum recommended pressure 250 psi: Flow rate of 2.7 mL/s at 37oC, with Mallinckrodt MD76 contrast in 50/50 solution with 0.9% saline.