PowerWire™ Guidewires

PowerWire™ RF Guidewire

The PowerWire™ Radiofrequency (RF) Guidewire uses RF energy to facilitate crossing totally occluded peripheral vessels that are difficult to cross with a standard guidewire alone.

The PowerWire™ RF Guidewire has an atraumatic radiopaque tip that delivers RF energy to vaporize a channel through occlusions with minimal trauma to surrounding tissue.

The wire has a stiff proximal shaft with a smooth transition to a more flexible distal end. Its length allows the PowerWire to be exchanged, while its body has a low friction coating to allow for ease of manoeuvrability as well as the loading and delivery of balloon catheters and/or other devices.

The PowerWire™ RF Guidewire is intended to create a channel in totally occluded peripheral vessels 3 mm or greater.


Rx only. Before use, consult product labels and inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, cautions and instructions for use.

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CableOTWBMC Catheter Connector Cable (RFX-BAY-OTW-10-SU)

A specifically designed push-lock system allows for a quick and secure connection between the PowerWire™ guidewire and the RF Puncture Generator.


BMC Footswitch Pedal

The optional footswitch pedal allows the physician to directly control the application of RF energy from the RFP-200 RF Puncture Generator.



Grounding Pad

A disposable grounding pad acts a return for the RF energy. The grounding pads are available in both pediatric and adult sizes.


Test Box (RFP-200-TB)

The test box allows the user to test the RFP-200 RF Generator. This pre-emptive maintenance tool functions as a complete circuit to allow for troubleshooting.


PowerWire™ RF Guidewire Specifications

Item Measurement
Maximum Outer Diameter 0.035 inch/0.89 mm
Length 250 cm
Radiopaque Marker 5 Platinum/Iridium bands
Radiopaque Marker Spacing 1 cm