Products sold in Canada


ADVANCED VASCULAR DYNAMICS is a global leader in developing and manufacturing products for arterial hemostasis.
  Compressar StrongArm
  Compressar Universal
  Compressar Discs


BAYLIS MEDICAL is a leading Canadian supplier and distributor with a long history of importing and distributing products into the Canadian market.
RF Puncture System
  Radiofrequency NRG® Transseptal Needle
  TorFlex™ Transseptal Guiding Sheath
  Nykanen Radiofrequency Wire
  ProTrack™ Microcatheter
  ProTrack™ Pigtail Wire
  Carrying case for the RFP-100 Generator
  Connector Cables
  RFP Test Block



Through exchanging knowledge with its customers, B. Braun helps to improve treatments and working procedures in hospitals and medical practices and to increase the safety of patients, doctors and nursing staff.
Contiplex peripheral nerve block
  Perifix Epidural Set
  Safsite Valve System
  Fluid Dispenser connector
  Set Hemostasis introducer 14FR
  5% Dextrose INJ USP 250ml
  Adult Trocath
  Pediatric Trocath
  Hemo Intro 23HI100 10F X 23CM
  Hemo Intro 23HI120 12F X 23CM
  Hemo Intro 23HI140 14F X 23CM
  Hemo W/WI 10HI10038 10F X 11CM
  Hemo W/WI 10HI12038 12F X 11CM
  Single Y-Connector Metal Tool AYC010
  Double Y-Connector Plastic tool AYC020
  Single Y-Connector Plastic Tool AYC012
  Single Y TD Plastic Tool AYC013
  Single Y TD Metal Tool
  GW Torque Device LTD010
  ACS12F5 12CC LL Angio SYR
  ACS12R5 12CC Rotator Syringe
  CMS Spike Assy Vented CMS100
  Radio Dual-Line Set FCS1300
  Universal Drainage Bag FCS-2000
  Injection Line HP10-FM 10″
  Injection Line HP10-FRM 10″
  HPF10FFRM Flex HP 10 CM Rotator
  HP20-FM 20″ HP Injection Line
  HP20FRM Injection Line 20-IN
  HPF20FFRM Flex HP 20 CM Rotator
  HP30-FM 30″ HP Injection Line
  HP30FRM Injection Line 30-IN
  Vascular interventional Vena Tech LP Filter
  Vascular Interventional LGM Vena Cava Filter
  HPF30FFM Flex HP 30 CM INJ Tube
  HPF30FFRM Flex HP 30 CM Rotator
  HP 48-FM 48 HP Injection Line
  HP48FRM Inj Line 48-IN
  HPF48FFM Flex HP 48 CM Inj Tube
  HPF48FFRM Flex HP 48 CM Rotator
  FCS1200 Fluid Collection System
  FCS1000 Fluid Collection System
  SP10W Spectraline Syringe
  SP10B Spectraline Syringe
  SP10G Spectraline Syringe
  SP10Y Spectraline Syringe
  SP10R Spectraline Syringe
  SP20W Spectraline Syringe
  SP20B Spectraline Syringe
  SP20G Spectraline Syringe
  SP20Y Spectraline Syringe
  SP20R Spectraline Syringe
  Spectraline Syringe Labels
  HPS3R Three Way HP Stopcock
  HPS1 One Way HP Stopcock
  Inflation Device Syringe
  Inflation Device Kit 25 ML PTCA Set
  Single Line Fluid Collector System RAK10010
  Single Line Fluid Collector System RAK-104-00
  Radiology Angio Kit (RAK-100)
  RAK10017 Radiology Angio Kit
  RAK11710 Radiology Angio Kit
  RAK10712 Radiology Angio Kit
  RAK10213 Radiology Angio Kit
  RAK11512 Radiology Angio Kit
  Radiology Angio Kit (RAK-124-12)
  PFG-.014X180 CM Balloon Guidewire
  PFG-.14X260 CM Balloon Guidewire

BAYLIS MEDICAL is a leading Canadian supplier and distributor with a long history of importing and distributing products into the Canadian market.
  RF Puncture System – Endovascular
  PowerWire™ Radiofrequency Guidewire

logo_FIAB FIAB SpA manufactures and markets medical devices and accessories for cardiology, electrosurgery, oxygentherapy, physiotherapy and beauty care for 40 years.
  Esophageal Leads

numed NuMed offer physicians technically advanced catheter design and quality manufacturing. The enhanced catheter technology provides superior option in dealing with clinical requirements
  Pediatric Valvuloplasty
  Stent Placement

orbusneich OrbusNeich is a global company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical devices for the treatment of vascular diseases.
  Genous™ Bio-engineered Stent