Installation and Training Sessions

Clinical Service Commitment

The medical field is in constant evolution. Baylis Medical is committed to offering superior clinical support which is comprised of several training sessions as well as technical support extended to hospital staff. By encouraging continued education, Baylis Medical ensures that health professionals and patients will benefit from the efficiency and safety of its innovative products.

Physician Clinical Support

Proctorship, off-site, and on-site training are available for those physicians that are interested in learning more about Baylis Medical technologies.

If you are interested in obtaining a Proctorship or attending a Training Workshop, please contact us at Please inform us for which medical field and which Baylis Medical technology you require clinical support.

Technician and Nurse Training Sessions

Our sales and clinical representatives are available to provide on-site training for various hospital clinical staff on our medical devices. Post-Installation, in-service sessions offer a comprehensive training on the operation and understanding of your newly acquired technology. In addition to in-service training sessions, our representatives are available for return visits to your hospital for intra-procedure clinical support. Our clinical experts can be made available to you upon a reasonable request period. It is our commitment that our customers gain the most out of our technology’s effectiveness and safety.

If you require an in-service training session or a follow up visit from one of our representatives, please contact us at