Mission Statement

Baylis Medical Company’s mission is to be a world leader in the development and distribution of high-technology products used to treat patients in cardiology and radiology.

Our goal is to conceive, develop, manufacture, and sell state-of-the-art medical products that will improve the lives of people around the world.

We are committed to offering these products with exceptional customer service. To assist us in realizing our goal, Baylis Medical adheres to four main guiding principles:

Technological Leadership
We strive to be at the technological forefront in the conception, development, commercialization, and production of medical devices.

Employee Development
We are committed to the development of our employees so that they may reach their full potential in their field of expertise.

Customer Service
We strive to provide our customers with excellent, high-quality service and customer support.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We participate in social and environmental initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of people around the world.