Over the course of the last 25 years, Baylis Medical has been involved in a number of medical firsts, both in the Canadian market as well as the worldwide market.


Incorporated as a Canadian Corporation by Gloria Baylis. The company introduces specialty catheters for Neuro-Embolization to the North American market. The first procedures using this new, innovative approach to treating brain aneurism are done in Quebec.


Frank Baylis joins the company as the first employee after Gloria Baylis.


Kris Shah joins the company – The first office at 5253 Decarie Boulevard, Montreal is opened.


The Company’s import business begins to specialize in the field of Cardiac Electrophysiology. Over the course of the next decade, Baylis Medical will assist leading centers across Canada to outfit their electrophysiology labs with recording systems, RF Generators, Stimulators, EP catheters, and more.


The Company introduces the King of Hearts™ Event Monitor to the Canadian market in collaboration with Instromedix; the inventors of the cardiac event monitoring.


Baylis Medical begins to develop and manufacture its own line of products. The Company develops the RF Puncture system for treating newborn infants suffering from Pulmonary Atresia and other related congenital heart defects. This work is done with the assistance of world renowned physicians Dr. Benson and Dr. Nykanen at the Hospital for Sick Children’s of Toronto.  The system was commercialized in 1999 and is now recognized as the gold standard for care of this disease.


Baylis Medical launches disposable RF cannula for RF ablation of spinal facet nerves


Baylis Medical commercializes the world’s first computerized Pain Management RF Generator, the PMG-115. The system quickly sets a new standard in the field of chronic pain management that all subsequent systems have adopted.


Baylis Medical develops the world’s first cooled-RF platform for pain management procedures. A number of therapeutic  treatments have been developed based on this platform including the  TransDiscal™ Biacuplasty system for the treatment of axial discogenic pain, the SInergy™ system for treatment of Sacroiliac joint syndrome, the ThoraCool™ system for the treatment of  Thoracic facet joint pain, and the LumbarCool™ probe for the  treatment of lumbar facet joint pain.


Baylis Medical introduces the NRG™ RF Transseptal Needle. This is the first major innovation in the field of cardiac transseptal puncture in over three decades. Medical publications demonstrate that it is safer, faster, and more reliable than the old mechanical puncture needle.


In June 2009, Baylis Medical acquires Fralex Therapeutics, a company developing Complex Neuro Pulse (CNP) system to treat chronic pain.

In October 2009, Kimberly-Clark* Healthcare Division acquires the Pain Management business sector from Baylis Medical which includes a number of innovative, minimally-invasive radiofrequency pain management products. The company focuses its future into the fields of Interventional Cardiology and Interventional Radiology.


Baylis Medical introduces the RF PowerWire™, a radio-frequency activated guidewire used to cross chronic total occlusion in peripheral vascular structures.


In September 2011, Baylis launches the OsteoCool® system for treatment of pain emanating from metastatic bone tumors.

In October 2011, Baylis Medical Executives win the Entrepreneur of the Year Award


In June 2012, Baylis Medical launches the NRG®  Transseptal Needle featuring a radiopaque marker.


In May 2013, Baylis Medical strengthens its US presence with a new office in Greater Boston